Nov 27 2014

Why I’m thankful to be a veterinarian

In the spirit of giving thanks, and before immersing myself in Thanksgiving activities, I sat down today to hammer out a short list of all the things that are great about being a veterinarian, and decided to share these with you. No particular reason; not complaining; just sharing. I hope you enjoy these half as much as I enjoyed thinking of them (I think a lot of them are relatable to pet owners in general):

Puppies –  they’re always cute, and have a breath smell named after them.

Kittens – they’re usually so ugly and raggedy, that they can’t help but be cute.

Helping, and sometimes fixing creatures that can’t help themselves

When you can’t help those creatures, we have the option of euthanasia (of course, this is a heavy burden in other ways)

Getting to know a pet from the beginning until the end of it’s life, and getting to know the pet owners that are attached to these pets – they can often be more interesting, amusing, and challenging than the furry friends they come with)

Getting feedback from these pet parents when the problem you treated has resolved, even though (obviously) that isn’t always the outcome, nor the warm-and-fuzzy feedback you most look forward to.

Seeing a pet owner with a new pet some time after you’ve overseen their former pet’s last day(s), and watching the excitement of loving a pet come back to their face, when the last face you saw them make was hardly that of enjoyment

Watching pet owners marry or have children, then listening to their stories of how differently the dog or cat acts around the new spouse or the new baby – pets are much more perceptive and intuitive about our family and it’s needs than we suspect.

Being part of a profession that  so anchored in the importance of well-being, love, companionship, and all of the good things in life.

Now, go be thankful for your blessings, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Todd Worrell, DVM

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