Dec 21 2014

I don have the burden of knowledge in me

I am a loving, giving person to him. I am asking for small things to be done for me. It frustrates me because I feel like I am a good girlfriend. Amitabh Bachchan, wrote a blog post about his immense admiration Kumar his 89 birthday, received a reply from the star Kumar, who’s recently joined twitter, posted a note. Touched by his words, Amitabh tweeted: ‘I do not care what anyone says, but this retweet of Dilip Saheb’s Blog on me is beyond Godliness. Just so overwhelmed! No words! The one actor that has been my inspiration, one that has always surpassed my expectations of him, his talent boundless and limitless! Dilip Saheb! you have no idea what you have done today! Your words for me, mean I can live and die in peace now.’.

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