Dec 22 2014

(Even if kept in captivity the animals are well taken care of)

Makes checking out museums a lot better.A 3 day ticket for the Stockholm public transport is worth it too, if you don’t feel like walking to much in the cold.If you like animals and swedish history you can go to skansen which is a massive zoo that houses, moose, wolfs, seals, pigs, cows, peacocks and many more animals. (Even if kept in captivity the animals are well taken care of) i recommend going to “tiny skansen” where thay have kittens (that you can adopt) and if you come in the right time you can see piglets and goat kids.Opposite of skansen you find grna lund, a compact amusement park (if you enjoy roller coasters and the likes go ahead) i personally prefer skansen more. If you are going at this time of the year it might be closed for winter.The photo shows you an overview of stermalm.

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