Dec 25 2014

Both prescription and over the counter choices are available

I will wait for two days, and if no action is taken by Indian Go Here government, I will take up this issue to the Prime Minister’s Office,” he added.Pinakin Patel, 33, and his wife Bhavisha, 33, hailing from Bhavanipura village in Anand district, had gone to the UK for a ten day trip when Immigration officers at Heathrow airport held them on February 11, said Patel. The couple has an eight year old son.”My brother had time and again told the officials of the detention centre that he carried those degree certificates on his travel agent’s suggestion and also pleaded to send them back to India,” Patel said.”On April 20, I got a call from one of my friends informing me that Pinakin had died due to cardiac arrest in detention centre, he said. He said they had filed a lawsuit against the alleged misbehaviour and torture of Pinakin and his wife by the UK immigration officials.Meanwhile, Anand MP Dilip Patel said he had apprised Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the issue and the latter has assured him of every possible effort to ensure justice to the victim’s family.”I personally met Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi and raised the issue with him.

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