Surgical Services

Our experienced veterinarians provide many surgical services at our clinic, ranging from routine to advanced procedures. Our veterinary team takes every precaution so that your pet receives the highest-quality care. We perform a surgical exam and recommend (required for pets of 7 years of age) pre-anesthetic bloodwork testing before surgery, monitor your pet during surgery and during the vital recovery process, provide appropriate pain medication to keep your pet comfortable during recovery and take home pain medication so your pet can remain comfortable into the days following.

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    Laser Surgery

    We are pleased to offer LASER SURGERY as an exciting option for safe, comfortable treatment. The laser can replace the scalpel and provide a better alternative to traditional surgery. Benefits…

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    We perform all elective procedures (with a laser) such as sterilization and cat declaws, as well as more advanced surgeries such as advanced orthopedic surgeries, surgical treatments for advanced ear…

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    Anesthesia and Advanced Pain Management

    At PetDocks Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to announce that we employ and follow the guidelines defined by the American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologist for appropriate monitoring of anesthetized veterinary…

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    Dental Care

    Ultrasonic scaling is used to clean each tooth thoroughly above and below the gum line. The teeth are polished to create a smooth surface that is more resistant to plaque…