Jul 17 2014

She also knows what on netflix vs what on the ABC kids app

Now, my buddy and I are straight. But we say and do some gay shit sometimes. This elevator is surrounded by mirrors and as we are going up floors I look at my buddy through the mirror and say “whose that good looking guy over there?” He responds with “all I see is you.” So I say “aww how sweet.” He turns to the strangers and says “that my boyfriend.” I turn and make eye contact with the strangers and say “he my side chick.”.

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fake hermes belt vs real I been trying to understand that too. On the surface level, it supposed to work like a standard Diffie Hellman key exchange, but under the hood (this is the region where you shouldn code it if you not a cryptographer) it some advanced elliptic magic that evades Shor algorithm (the quantum algorithm that breaks anything relying on prime factorization or discrete logarithm). From what I could understand, it works by transforming one curve to another using secret parameters fake hermes belt vs real.

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