Musings From a Pet Docktor

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    Ask and you shall receive!

    Dec 29 2015

    Most of what a veterinarian does everyday, at least in routine practice, is to communicate. We talk, and talk, and talk sometimes. Hopefully, we’re saying something useful, particularity relating to…

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    Ready for some bad news? Me neither…

    Dec 10 2015

    Delivering bad news is never easy. Depending on the exact news, I tend to be more or less proficient, most of the time. As with everything in life, we tend to…

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    “Single Canine Seeking Extra Treats”

    Nov 15 2015

    Addiction is no laughing matter. People that are addicted to substances, behaviors, etc. seek those items relentlessly until they either find them or they control or subdue their urges. As humans…

  • Let me take this call..

    Oct 27 2015

    Oddly enough, the most unpredictable part of my job is returning and making phone calls. The telephone is a Pandora’s box. Depending on the task at hand, I may be…

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    Tell It Like It Is

    Oct 22 2015

    One of the most important aspects of a veterinary visit is the history provided to us by the client or pet owner.  The history includes just what you might think…

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    Why I’m thankful to be a veterinarian

    Nov 27 2014

    In the spirit of giving thanks, and before immersing myself in Thanksgiving activities, I sat down today to hammer out a short list of all the things that are great…

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    Mixed Breed Dogs & Wordsmithing

    Oct 23 2014

    Can someone tell me when we made the transition from referring to our mixed breed dogs as “mixed breed”, “mutt”, “Heinz 57” or “sooner dog” and began calling them by…

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    People say strange things…and mean them

    Oct 17 2014

    Every professional or occupation has it’s own esoteric humor – things we hear either occasionally or repeatedly that push our buttons in one way or another. These are tidbits that…

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    Not Your Father’s (or Mother’s) Veterinary Visit

    Oct 13 2014

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that during the course of an hour, much less a day, at the office, I find myself recommending any number of laboratory…

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    My dog is NOT fat…and neither is my cat!

    Oct 06 2014

    I hope that I live long enough to hear someone smarter & wiser than me explain, in a way that I can understand, why some people are so reluctant to…