Musings From a Pet Docktor

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    Ready for some bad news? Me neither…

    Dec 10 2015

    Delivering bad news is never easy. Depending on the exact news, I tend to be more or less proficient, most of the time. As with everything in life, we tend to…

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    “Single Canine Seeking Extra Treats”

    Nov 15 2015

    Addiction is no laughing matter. People that are addicted to substances, behaviors, etc. seek those items relentlessly until they either find them or they control or subdue their urges. As humans…

  • Let me take this call..

    Oct 27 2015

    Oddly enough, the most unpredictable part of my job is returning and making phone calls. The telephone is a Pandora’s box. Depending on the task at hand, I may be…

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    Tell It Like It Is

    Oct 22 2015

    One of the most important aspects of a veterinary visit is the history provided to us by the client or pet owner.  The history includes just what you might think…

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    If your dress is just perfect the way that it is

    Feb 03 2015

    buy canada goose jacket First thing that comes to mind for a great lot of people when talking about Orange like anime recommendations is Ao Haru Ride (translate: Blue Spring…

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    The company slashed its common stock quarterly dividend to one

    Jan 29 2015

    cheap canada goose uk However, consider the National Journal and Politico examples. If everyone claims the top layer of the stack and it is not difficult to start a blog…

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    Part of that lore revolves around the films’ haunting music

    Jan 26 2015

    canada goose uk shop Components Of Gas PricesThe drilling, processing, and transportation all play into the price of gasoline. Other things that go into gas prices are taxes, price of…

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    A rush hour snowfall jammed thousands of drivers on Jan

    Jan 18 2015

    Two guns from Fast and Furious were found at the scene, and ATF agent John Dodson blew the whistle on the operation. \n\n\n\nAgent: I was ordered to let guns \”walk\”…

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    Each year about 443,000 people in the United States die from

    Jan 17 2015

    canada goose factory sale By the end of the 1960s, many men had hair below their shoulders and sometimes down to their waists. Many a parent complained that from behind,…

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    The final 235 page report submitted by the Bath based

    Jan 17 2015

    The unknowing spouse who is left behind often tries to control the situation by delaying the divorce process and even becomes clingy, begging and pleading for another chance. If these…